Do algorithms have a place in the future of recruitment?

There’s been some speculation about the role computer algorithms will come to play in the future of the recruitment industry.

Our operations director Charlie Grabham shares her opinion below:

“Of course technology is going to re-shape the recruitment industry and like most of the sectors it has already influenced, it will re-define the way that businesses interact with their customers. Computer algorithms can certainly help in the search process but we have found that where our clients have unusual job titles (which is especially prevalent in those with American parent companies), they tend to throw up irrelevant results.

“In addition, as a temporary recruitment specialist our clients rely on us to manage fluctuating labour demands and take the recruitment process out of their hands entirely; managing check-ins, training and compliance, which a computer cannot do.

“At the executive end of the permanent market our service is much more consultative. Often we are engaged in a head hunt which may include weeks of exploratory discussions with passive candidates who were not necessarily looking to move on.

“The power of database search and algorithms through the likes of LinkedIn has undoubtedly given us a much wider range of candidate search tools. And whilst technology-based platforms are set to take market share from traditional recruiters, there will always be a place for human interaction because after all, that is the business we are in.“