What we can learn from Team GB


Everyone at Solutions has been supporting Team GB this summer in Rio as our athletes did the nation proud. As our Olympians have been training both physically and mentally in order to prepare for the competition, preparing for an interview for a job you really want is in many ways very similar.

Searching for the right career path is a marathon not a sprint and like our Olympic heroes job seekers must be able to overcome obstacles, frustration and rejection along the way to find the job you want. From watching the mixture of ecstasy and agony (mainly GB ecstasy) at this summers Olympics here are some tips on how to prepare like an athlete to climb your career ladder:

 Mental preparation – Carrying out research into both the employer job role is crucial if you are to succeed. This knowledge will naturally increase your confidence and mental strength, preparing you for any tricky questions which may put you on the spot.

Overcome obstacles – Chances are you are going to receive your fair share of rejections along the way; try and turn these negatives into positives by asking for constructive feedback on what could be improved on and build on that in the future.

Remaining disciplined – Getting on the right career path isn’t something that will happen overnight – focusing your energy into one particular sector or job title will get much better results than applying to be an accountant one day and an engineer the next.

Aim for gold – Even if you feel at the bottom of the career ladder there is no reason not to aim high and set yourself goals to climb up it as quickly as you can. If a job requires someone with 2 years experience and you only have 18 months don’t let it put you off, the worst response you will get back is a no!

Self-belief – All the preparation humanly possible will give you the answers you need, but if you don’t believe in yourself going into the interview then the employer will pick up on that straight away. Before the interview take a look in the mirror and be proud of the person looking back and where you’ve come from – if you don’t believe you’re the right person for the job then nobody else will.