Celebrating women in recruitment

As an agency, we have grown quickly and quietly; something that has served us well for over 30 years. But anyone who knows me knows that I am never one to be quiet.

On this, International Women’s Day I thought it was about time we shouted about something. Before I start, however, I think it’s important to say that I do not feel that I must celebrate only the women in our organisation. I am incredibly proud of all of the team here. It is the mix of people, personalities and perspectives that make us what we are- a big family with big ambitions.

The reason for me writing this really is because I do understand that for many women, the door to the board room is still firmly shut. So I wanted to celebrate my industry and my company where women can and do thrive. Here’s 3 reasons why I am proud to be Solutions on International Women’s Day.

#1           25% of our board are women

Ok that’s just me, but as the other 3 directors will tell you, they feel my presence! I am incredibly proud that we have implemented market-leading initiatives such as duvet day in addition to company-wide incentives and trips away. These things wouldn’t happen unless our board set up worked and each voice was valued.

We have a really low staff turnover in an industry which is famed for being the opposite. Why do our people stay with us? Because we have a great culture which is fair and open for everyone.

#2           Almost half of our employees are women

Women have representation in every area of the business, from support roles, through our various levels of management and on both the operational and executive board. Our managers are judged solely by their ability to do their job. We are happy if our teams are happy. Because if our teams are happy, our customers are happy.

#3           The stuff that nobody sees 

We have a feedback channel that comes to me and me only, a responsibility that I take very seriously. I always joke that I am ‘Switzerland’ – but it’s important to me to have people’s trust, so that I can see what’s going on in our company- and address any challenges before they become problems.

I think it’s a strong testament to us that we have women-led teams in what are typically male-dominated disciplines (as much as I recognise that we have men running desks that have historically had a bias towards women). Out of 5 colleague of the month awards, 3 of them have been women and the shortlist was an all-female line up last month. I am proud that one of our consultants won the annual incentive for a holiday abroad and she took her colleagues instead of her family. And I love that every morning one of our receptionists comes into our office to say good morning and ask how we all are.

Our industry is a great place for women CEO’s and MD’s and we have some fantastic female leaders in recruitment who are both leading the charge and getting their deserved profile in the region and beyond. When we work together, we are genuinely formidable, entertaining, pack-minded and efficient. But the best thing about being a woman isn’t being a woman at all. It’s being part of a family.

Happy International Women’s Day. Here’s to you all.