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Permanent Recruitment

Finding the perfect fit for your business can be a challenge. The market is buoyant and attracting talent is an art rather than a science. Our experienced team will spend time getting to know your business so they can find someone who is a real cultural fit; meaning if you need a square peg, we will find you one.

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Senior Recruitment Consultant - Catering

_0021_Stacey Parker

Consultant- Catering

Paul Ainscow

Head of Operations - Newcastle

_0024_Nicola Armstrong

Principal Consultant- Catering

_0015_Mike Rowland

Head of Executive Search

Jack Rice

Principal Consultant - Construction & Engineering

_0007_Dan Sempers

Senior Consultant- Technical & Engineering

Caroline Hicks

Principal Consultant - Catering


Principal Consultant - Finance

Carl Maw is Solutions’ Finance Consultant. He specialises in senior finance appointments and is based in our head office in...
_0011_Alison Thew

Operations Manager - Newcastle

As senior I.T consultant Alison has over 10 years of experience in the industry. Her work life has seen her...
Adam Knox 2

Principal Consultant- Technical & Engineering


_0023_Laura Turner

Principal Consultant- Accountancy & Finance