Recruiting a Pokémon Catcher

As you may have seen last week we tried to get in the Pikachu catching spirit after the release of app PokemonGo. Titling one of our software developer roles as ‘Head Pokémon Catcher’ our IT department at Solutions Headquarters put the job advertisement out to a range of our social media platforms in the hope it would help us find us not only a software whizz but a Pokémon enthusiast who has managed to catch ‘em all. With a large variety of applications here are a few of the best selections:

I want to be the very best
Web design could be my job
To code java is my real test
HTML is way better
I will travel across the web
Searching far and wide
Each UI to understand
The code that’s inside

Web design, gotta code them all
It’s client and server
I know it’s my IP address
Web design, oh you’re my best friend
A firewall can defend
Web design, gotta code them all
A hyper-Link so true
HTTP will pull us through

You port me and I’ll sync you
Gotta code them all!


Personal Statement
I had PokemonGo before it was even released in the UK and owned all 3 gyms in Cramlington but I am now focusing more on filling my Pokedex while powering up my current Pokemon. A lot of knowledge on the series after following it since first generation.

Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Animal Management – Merit
Level 2 Diploma in Animal Management – Distinction
Level 2 Functional Skills English – Pass
Level 2 Functional Skills Maths – Pass
Insane Pokemon Knowledge – Priceless

Professor Oak
Pokemon Professor, former Pokemon Trainer
Pallet Town
Kanto Region
Contact via Pokemon games:
 Red
 Blue
 Yellow
 Gold
 Silver
 Crystal
 Pokemon FireRed
 Pokemon LeafGreen
 Diamond
 Pearl
 Platinum
 Pokemon HeartGold
 Pokemon SoulSilver