Take the Stress out of Recruitment

When it comes to working life, stress is a factor which can effect anyone, but why add to the pressure with unnecessary worry about your organisation’s recruitment.

Recruitment is constantly evolving and never seems to come to an end. By the time you’ve made one new appointment, another position has opened up and the process of drafting job descriptions, interviewing candidates and eventually hiring begins all over again.

To mark stress awareness month we’re providing you with some top tips to take the strain out of the recruitment process, giving you the ability to hire staff with confidence.

Create specific job descriptions
One of the main pressures in recruiting comes from finding a candidate who will suit you your organisation, not just when it comes to skills but also personality. Creating a job description which accurately reflects the culture of the office is just as important as portraying the expertise needed to do the job.

More often than not, job descriptions are not properly appraised, leaving them overly- complicated or too vague. Use this opportunity to discuss working culture, benefits and stand out attributes of your company.

Use a variety of platforms
It’s easy to get stuck in the habit of using one platform to advertise all of your roles, especially if you’ve had success using this method in the past. If you’re struggling to fill a position however, or are finding that the quality of candidates isn’t up to scratch, why not consider branching out.

If you’ve gone down the traditional route of print advertising or online listings in the past, it might be worth considering using social media to promote your roles. LinkedIn and Twitter are particularly effective, especially when it comes to filling creative or communications focused roles.

Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions
When it comes to conducting interviews, a lot of directors will experience anxiety around what is appropriate to ask. While you don’t want to put candidates off, it’s important to establish that they really are the right person for the role, and so asking difficult questions which really test their expertise is paramount.

Asking candidates to undertake practical tasks such as writing tests or delivery of presentations where necessary can also help to identify those who work well under pressure.

Hire a recruitment agency
The average managing director spends just 10 hours a year recruiting. Compare that to an agency who dedicates all day, every day to finding the perfect candidates to fill a range of different roles and you can see why sometimes it’s best to bring in the experts.

While you won’t need the expertise of an agency to fill every role, it’s worth knowing that support is there when needed – especially when it comes to recruiting for top level positions.

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